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There are a number of ways for you to keep in touch with Zikula development. The announcement will enable us to tell you when a new release is published or a security vulnerability has been patched. We encourage module developers to subscribe to the discussions list; also, there's a forum for you to ask any questions you may have on module development.


This list is the list used to announce important project news, such as a new version of Zikula. If you wish to keep up to speed with Zikula development, this is the list to join.

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This list is aimed to share ideas about the Zikula project, where we decide the next steps and to keep update with the latest news, etc. This list also pool the vast amount of talent available within the Zikula community, core developers can provide assistance to third-party developers where necessary there. If you develop your own modules, blocks or themes then this list may be of benefit to you.

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Zikula now has its very own IRC channel. You can access this here: irc://, #Zikula. The IRC channel has a number of users in it every day who will be happy to talk about Zikula. However, this channel is not for support - the support forums are the best medium for this as they allow searching and archiving of answers to common questions.

Join us on irc://, #Zikula