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Site Maintenance Planned for 24 July, 2014

Please be advised that this site will be down for site maintenance beginning approximately 12:00 PM GMT (8:00 AM EDT) until the job is complete. The site and all aspects of it, will be inaccessible during this time. All Github repositories and sites will still be available.

Content 4.1.0 released

Content page editing module has been updated to 4.1. This release is targeted for the latest Zikula Core 1.3.7
It brings a number of bug fixes, several code and UI improvements, and works with together with Scribite 5. Since it is now fully hook based it should also work with Scribite4, but not explicitely tested.
Thanks to a lot of developers working on it, craigh, drummer3333, guite, cmfcmf, and others that I forget now.

Scribite 5 released

Scribite the WYSIWYG module has been updated to 5.0. Scribite is a module that inserts a selected javascript WYSIWYG editor into textareas through the use of Zikula hooks. This release is for Zikula Core >= 1.3.x
Scribite 5.0.0 is a significant departure from previous versions, so read on.
Thanks to a lot of developers working on it, craigh, nmpetkov, cmfcmf, shefik, and others that I forget now.

MUImage with responsive slideshow

MUImage 1.2.0 is available on Github. This version of module comes with some new features and several bug fixes. Most important improvement is the capability to enable a responsive, animated slideshow in the frontend.

ModuleStudio 0.6.1 has been released

We are happy to announce that a new version of ModuleStudio is available. ModuleStudio 0.6.1 includes many bugfixes as well as a few new features.

The most important new function is the introduction of generator settings: herewith you can control which features are generated for a certain model. Also it is possible to take influence on different behavioural aspects of the generator.

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