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MUImage with responsive slideshow

MUImage 1.2.0 is available on Github. This version of module comes with some new features and several bug fixes. Most important improvement is the capability to enable a responsive, animated slideshow in the frontend.

ModuleStudio 0.6.1 has been released

We are happy to announce that a new version of ModuleStudio is available. ModuleStudio 0.6.1 includes many bugfixes as well as a few new features.

The most important new function is the introduction of generator settings: herewith you can control which features are generated for a certain model. Also it is possible to take influence on different behavioural aspects of the generator.

MUNews is Available

MUNews gives a simple blog functionality, users can submit articles with. In the backend one can moderate submitted articles. One can approve or reject articles. MUNews was planned and created with the ModuleStudio; the fine-tuning it got by programming.

Doctrine Security

When using Doctrine in a project it is always a security critical component because it talks directly to your database. As such security is very important to us. In security however, context is important and providing you with query capabilities we have to expose you to the risk of SQL injections.

Doctrine cannot prevent you from building SQL injections into your applications and so can no other DBAL, because it would require hiding SQL completely. But hiding SQL completly is not wanted, because it is such a powerful language.

Therefore it is still your responsibility to make sure that you are using Doctrine correctly when working with SQL.

Read the rest of the article on the Doctrine website. Additional information on security concerns when utilizing Doctrine is now available in the respective repository's and also here: DBAL Security and ORM Security.

Zikula Core 1.3.7 Released (Security Release)

Zikula Core 1.3.7 is released as of 17 February 2014. This is a security release for the Core 1.3.x series as well as a bug fix release. All users of Core 1.3.0 - 1.3.6 are recommended to update as soon as possible.

In addition to addressing the security issue, the release combines all the recent "patches" that have been floating about in the community which attempted to address certain deficiencies in the 1.3.5/1.3.6 releases. Please update to this official package and discontinue using code from non-official sources.

Installation/Upgrade: (from Core 1.3.6) Be sure to backup files and database before any upgrade is attempted. Simply overwrite the files in your current installation with the new files , add your DB credentials to the config.php file and run the upgrade.php routine.

ZIP package
TGZ package

This release addresses Secunia Advisory SA56274 (article to be updated with link when published).

A full Changelog is available

QA Testing for 1.3.7 Begun

Please consider helping with the Quality Assurance (QA) testing cycle of Core 1.3.7. Details of how you can help can be found in the Core ticket.

You can find the details of what has been updated in the 1.3.7 changelog.

Short development update

Core 1.3.6 was released on 7 November 2013 as a security patch for the 1.3.5 release which took place nearly a year earlier on 7 December 2012.

The main development was occurring in what was originally intended to be a minor release in the 1.3.x series but this has been taking too long. This has required a change in plans.

As of 15 February 2014 the following changes have been made in the Core repository
  • The 1.3 branch is renamed to 1.4
  • The release-1.3 branch is renamed to 1.3
  • The master branch remains intact as is and is intended as a 2.0 branch

The intention is to release Core 1.3.7 soon with all of the minor patches that have been floating out in the community as well as a couple other minor corrections. QA testing should begin on this release soon.

Core 1.4.0 will include many other improvements and fixes over 1.3.x series and also include a Forward Compatibility layer pointing toward the Core 2.0.0 release. There should be very few (if any) Backward Compatibility breaks from the 1.3.x series.

Core 2.0.0 will drop all backward compatibility for the 1.x series and require new extension structures, reliance on only new core technologies (symfony, twig, etc).

Timelines for anything beyond Core 1.3.7 are of course unknown and should not be assumed based on this information.

What a wonderful day :-)

I am happy and proud to show my very first module! Of course it is a simple one. But see yourself: VerySimpleDownload

This is made with ModuleStudio. I have to say it is really easy. A lot of community members know me as a user. And I am still only a user. But I can now create my own module icon_smile .

How did I proceed with my module? First I made the model with the current version of ModuleStudio. It do have an outdated generator but the webgen is available to provide me actual code. So I generated my module there. This is my guarantee to have the latest code running for 1.3.6.

Formicula 3.1.0 released

Hi, Formicula 3.1.0 has been released. This is a release to be used with Zikula 1.3.x (preferably 1.3.6). Several bugs have been solved as well as new features being added.
  • The module is now fully jQuery based and uses HTML5 form validation with webshims polyfill validation fallback for browsers not supporting html5
  • The forms templates now use the .tpl extension instead of .html - Update your own forms please
  • More customization per form possible
  • File attachments work again
thanks also to nmpetkov, lmm-git and drummer3333.
Please see the closed tickets for a list of fixes and additions. And the project page for more on HTML5


Zikula Core 1.3.6 (Security Release)

Zikula Core 1.3.6 is released as of November 6, 2013. This is strictly a security release for the Core 1.3.x series. All users of Core 1.3.0 - 1.3.5 are recommended to update as soon as possible. This release does not contain any other bug fixes or features over Core 1.3.5.

Installation/Upgrade: (from Core 1.3.5) simply overwrite the files in your current installation with the new files run the upgrade.php routine.

ZIP package
TGZ package

The release that was to be version 1.3.6 has been renamed to 1.3.7 and is yet unreleased. Please adjust your development module dependencies accordingly.

New web service for ModuleStudio launched

We are happy to offer you a new service which is going to even further simplify module development with ModuleStudio: "WebGen" is a web-based generator for ModuleStudio models. It results from the master thesis of our employee Michael Eckes.

Reviews also under Zikula 1.3.5

After the module with the version 2.4 was not qualified for Zikula 1.3.5 and was only developed sporadically, Reviews now is there with the version 2.4.1. The reason for that is a request of an user on Github and the circumstance that Reviews is not so complex.

Eternizer Version 1.1.3 is available

Eternizer version 1.1.3 comes with some bugfixes and new features:


  • On view page in the backend one is able now to edit several entries at the same time.
  • For edit own entries in the frontend now one can set a period in hours.
  • Simplecaptcha, known from the module Formicula, is implemented now.

Newsletter 3.0.0 released

For my own website I needed a newsletter plugin. I found the module of @dmm1 (, but it wasn't ready for Zikula 1.3.X and many functions were buggy. That's why I started working on this module for 5 months now. Some time after I began to work on it, @nmpetkov ( began to work on it too. In just about five months, 150 issues were opened and fixed by about 150 pull-requests. Many new features were added, more than 40.000 lines were changed:…graphs/contributors.

Camp Zikula in Germany

The german community is announcing the next Camp Zikula. From 12-14 July 2013.

We will have two speeches about new development (Axel) and templating (Gabriel). But more important is meeting the others physically icon_smile . It will be held in german language. Are you interested? Registration is possible via

More details can be seen at the german community site.

Forum module based on phpBB

Zphpbb Zikula module version 1.0.0 has been released. This is an integration for well known open source forum solution: phpBB.

Zichat module for Zikula

Zichat Zikula module version 1.0.0 has been released. Ajax chat and phpFreeChat are used to integrate.

KCFinder system plugin for Zikula

KCFinder Zikula system plugin version 1.0.0 has been released. KCFinder is free open-source web file manager and uploader.

ModuleStudio 0.6.0 has been released

We are happy to announce that a new version of ModuleStudio is available. ModuleStudio 0.6.0 includes several new features and many bugfixes.

The most important improvement is a textual syntax which defines a new and more readable model file format. Also there is a migration function for converting your existing models to this new notation automatically.

First version of a TCPDF SystemPlugin for Zikula released

I wrote a SystemPlugin for TCPDF. Today the plugins isn't used by any module, but this may change :). Advantages:
  • If multiple modules use TCPDF, there is an extra version of TCPDF in each module. That's 18,5MB per module!
  • The TCPDF Plugin automatically includes the right config- and languagefiles
  • The TCPDF version can be updated independently from the module.
Developers can download the first version of the plugin here: Have fun trying out and submit issues and pull requests!

Invitation 3.0.0 for Zikula 1.3.x released

Invitation is a module that allows your users to invite other users via email to your website. You can add some information to the module that is sent with each invitation email.

ContactList 2.0.0 published for Zikula 1.3.x

ContactList is a module for social networks and communities that offers a buddy list functionality. The module was refactored for Zikula 1.3 and is now published as version 2.0.0.

MUImage is available

MUImage 1.0.0 is prepared for Zikula 1.3.4 or higher to download. MUImage is a classic gallery module you can organize pictures in albums and sub albums with. MUImage is conceptual developed with ModuleStudio. So it uses Doctrine 2 already. For the general user group it is possible to set the allowed number of albums, sub albums and pictures. MUImage contains a import function for Mediashare. So you can import albums and their pictures. Please read the Wiki of MUImage on Github.




Vendors: The State of jQuery 2013

My fellow web developers, the state of jQuery is strong.

On January 14, 2006, John Resig attended BarCampNYC and made a presentation about his new project called jQuery. In a contemporary blog post John said, “This code revolutionizes the way you can get JavaScript to interact with HTML.” It was a bold statement, but in retrospect we know it was an understatement.

For more about exciting happenings in the (near) future of jQuery, read the rest of the story...

News 3.0.1 released

News 3.0.1 has been released.

This is a bugfix release to be used with Zikula 1.3.x. The next version 3.1 is being updated to work with upcoming Scribite 5.0.
Please see the Release Notes for a list of fixes and additions.

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