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Articles: New web service for ModuleStudio launched

Contributed by Guite on Sep 03, 2013 - 04:50 PM


We are happy to offer you a new service which is going to even further simplify module development with ModuleStudio: "WebGen" is a web-based generator for ModuleStudio models. It results from the master thesis of our employee Michael Eckes.


WebGen is a special version of the ModuleStudio generator which uses always the latest generator from Git. Therewith WebGen fills the gap between a generator bugfix which is important for you and the next ModuleStudio release.

Simply upload the ModuleStudio models at the WebGen website, press a button and download the generated module.

You can read up further details in the comprehensive release announcement.

Have a nice time while testing and using the WebGen service!




Comment by:
drak's Avatar
03 Sep 2013 - 06:22PM
I really like this now because users get the most up to date generation immediately without having to wait for a MOST release.
Comment by:
espaan's Avatar
05 Sep 2013 - 03:48AM
Great !
Already a happy user.

Although updating everything to Zikula 1.3.6 standards is not that easy icon_smile
Comment by:
alizah's Avatar
12 Nov 2013 - 07:20PM
its really cool
Comment by:
lafiette's Avatar
02 Jan 2014 - 01:23AM
excited to check this out!
Comment by:
lafiette's Avatar
17 Jan 2014 - 03:31AM
... and now I have. good stuff. Am as content as espaan! :)
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