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Articles: Reviews also under Zikula 1.3.5

Contributed by portugao on Aug 05, 2013 - 07:43 AM


After the module with the version 2.4 was not qualified for Zikula 1.3.5 and was only developed sporadically, Reviews now is there with the version 2.4.1.

The reason for that is a request of an user on Github and the circumstance that Reviews is not so complex.
2.4.1 is basicly a bugfix release make the module running under zikula 1.3.5.

With the next release is planned to convert the module to doctrine2 with MOST.

Download auf Github:

Bug- und Feature Requests auf Github:

Have fun using the module and do not forget to make a backup!



Comment by:
eledril's Avatar
05 Aug 2013 - 07:22AM
Looking Forward To Using It
I'm looking forward to visitors being able to add their own reviews. For the time being, I can ask them to rate out of 10 in the review, then I can choose the appropriate score on my end.
Comment by:
krator's Avatar
05 Aug 2013 - 05:58PM
Thanks! I use this module in my site.
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