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Articles: MUImage is available

Contributed by portugao on Jan 28, 2013 - 05:14 AM


MUImage 1.0.0 is prepared for Zikula 1.3.4 or higher to download. MUImage is a classic gallery module you can organize pictures in albums and sub albums with. MUImage is conceptual developed with ModuleStudio. So it uses Doctrine 2 already. For the general user group it is possible to set the allowed number of albums, sub albums and pictures. MUImage contains a import function for Mediashare. So you can import albums and their pictures. Please read the Wiki of MUImage on Github.







Comment by:
mazdev's Avatar
27 Jan 2013 - 07:10PM
So far everything works for me
As I commented on the German Zikula site. Great job. Long needed module.

I tested it short and didn't had any issues yet.

Comment by:
krator's Avatar
28 Jan 2013 - 11:04AM
Demo site?
Comment by:
espaan's Avatar
31 Jan 2013 - 12:00AM
Good News !
Hi, very good news. Image modules were missing for quite some time on the zk13x platform. With MUImage released and SimpleMedia in development and both based on MOST that should give a good future.
Comment by:
bob123's Avatar
24 Feb 2013 - 08:48PM
Thank you for this module, trying to cover a so long missing feature in Zikula 1.3
I downloaded yesterday to give it a try on Zikula 1.3.5.

I tried to import my Mediashare albums and pictures (stored in local file system, not in DB) and got the following error message:

Could not load the 'muimage' module at 'modulealbums'.
Failed to decode form includes - this should not have happened

No more details! Not even messages in error log...

The import was very quick has imported nothing at all!

I agree with other members:
- Modifying old Mediashare links in Pagesetter and/or Clip is a must!
- Integration with Xinha/scribit (wysiwyg content editor) --> To insert links into content (Clip) is a must! (Cf Mediashare features.)
- A slideShow view will be greatly welcome! (Almost a must.)

Why two modules different modules MUImage (Portugao) and SimpleMedia (espaan), not really ready yet? Why not working together and deliver a single, really great media module?

Related Issues:
Comment by:
portugao's Avatar
27 Feb 2013 - 05:58PM
You are welcome
As workaround for the import issue you can take these two files from the actual repository at github.


MUImage 1.1.0 will come in a few days, I hope.

The reason for having 2 modules is easy to say. I wanted to develope a module that offers a gallery so it is possible to have a gallery under Zikula 1.3.x.

SimpleMedia is a media module, that is more complex with the next version and because of that it needs time to have a functional version.

The more complex a module is the harder it is to care for it.

And at least: MUImage is ready.
Comment by:
espaan's Avatar
27 Feb 2013 - 10:15PM
Working together

we will certainly work together and since both modules are based upon ModuleStudio they can share work and templates and so. So if one modules has a nice feature the other one can benifit in principle.
And indeed SimpleMedia aims towards all kind of media, not only images. (MediaAttach in the past also did that kind of thing).
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