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Articles: Zikula 1.1.1 and PostNuke Migration Distribution Released

Contributed by Simon on Feb 02, 2009 - 01:59 PM


Today I am pleased to announce that we are releasing Zikula 1.1.1 and the PostNuke migration distribution, based on the 1.1.1 Zikula Core. Zikula 1.1.1 is the first bugfix release for the 1.1 series, and fixes 65 bugs found in 1.1.0. You can see the full list at the CoZi. The migration distribution is built on the 1.1.1 core, with the 1.1 equivalents for each of the modules that were previously in PostNuke.

This will be the only published migration distribution for 1.1.1, so we strongly encourage you to use this release to migrate your PostNuke site. The 1.1 series is now very stable and few bugs have been postponed to 1.1.2. Meanwhile development on 1.2.0 and 2.0.0 continues, for those not aware 1.2.0 will be the first release including gettext and 2.0.0 will bring the latest architectural evolvements as we move towards a leaner codebase with more added features for developers and users alike.

For those migrating from a PostNuke installation we strongly recommend you read the upgrade instructions in the docs directory. Those running 1.1.0 can use the patch provided below, while those running 1.0.x should download the full distribution and read the upgrade instructions in the docs directory.

Download links in the extended text.

Zikula 1.1.1 CORE

.zip (5.35 MB)
MD5: b30f66b2c35470502838b58a571aff2c
SHA1: 6c6ea1952b367af0572254aa8e48c8ae9d4d9636

.tar.gz (4.21 MB)
MD5: d09fee4fc1f4756bff11f61c6d3797a1
SHA1: aa7a2024fddbdbff10c3083855c0e7c2951d9405

Zikula 1.1.1 FULL

.zip (5.92 MB)
MD5: 4c913209fe947fb7b875d2897a869fee
SHA1: 2fd7b04a6070a4a5b7dddbb952c9646819aea30e

.tar.gz (4.6 MB)
MD5: e1291fd8420d0975d250ea7354d618b3
SHA1: d303c6ee7323ae46c0c42d2fa324a89062170168

Zikula 1.1.1 ValueAddons

.zip (586.45 kB)
MD5: b733ab34ca831cb8b08a03b21cf86dff
SHA1: 30a82a864373695a90d3853ae49fb5329f2adcc5

.tar.gz (393.01 kB)
MD5: 0cd084f97b2f4c05c00c66d626f338e0
SHA1: 141cf21823110a7b20fe40800d04dd86aa837f70

Zikula 1.1.0 => Zikula 1.1.1 patch

.zip (300.69 kB)
MD5: e3797b9015c9d73987bab476fd1bd8e2
SHA1: 4503757ccf37c883d4ed34337a7ffbd81cfbbc07

.tar.gz (215.59 kB)
MD5: f7826c0c37455eb85bc5b126de945f25
SHA1: 6fa62fde8c0fc509e5b7a17acd1abdc3f55913b5

Zikula 1.1.1 Upgrade Distro

.tar.gz (5.72 MB)
MD5: 2cb6635197bba68b785ead8e2ed84ca9
SHA1: 031d87c7bd5334cfb792a252369f52c5212c7ae3

.zip (7.67 MB)
MD5: e1f24a9cc2fc00516b6e3567046fd620
SHA1: 3bcbcb054f9df266c9b48e556e25dbbcf3dd2d3f

Zikula 1.1.1 Upgrade Distro scribite

.tar.gz (10.32 MB)
MD5: d38db5d534f641bfdaadbfb005e16398
SHA1: 07677209cb14d713ae2e9bca176f8d3e9410e92f

.zip (14.15 MB)
MD5: 1984267e5d13d35b6be0ed140097f982
SHA1: d176e2374c0cddd95a886b988475e401d142f358

Footnote: Localised migration distributions for our international community will be made available for French, German and Dutch locales at their respective Cozi community projects this evening.



Comment by:
Teb's Avatar
02 Feb 2009 - 02:09AM
Congrats again!
Just wanted to point out the little footnote on this article:


Foot notes: Localised migration distributions for our international community will be made available for French, German and Dutch locales at their respective Cozi community projects this evening.

I will be uploading those beasts later today / this evening to the respective Cozi pages.
Comment by:
Roadrunner's Avatar
02 Feb 2009 - 02:54AM
Thank you for the update and all the efforts of the developers!

The links to the Zikula 1.1.0 => Zikula 1.1.1 patch above is currently broken. It should read: (.zip) (.tar.gz)
Comment by:
Simon's Avatar
02 Feb 2009 - 03:35AM
Fixed, thanks for letting us know
Comment by:
jaenosjelantru's Avatar
02 Feb 2009 - 05:14AM
Thanks Teb and all of the others who worked so hard getting this distribution working. I hope we can get thousands of .764 sites moved to Zikula thanks to your efforts. Awesome!
Comment by:
craigh's Avatar
02 Feb 2009 - 09:25AM
so the "Zikula 1.1.1 Upgrade Distro" upgrades from Postnuke. 764 to Zikula 1.1.1 right? Since the version of PN isn't mentioned in the article, I wanted some clarification.
Comment by:
Simon's Avatar
02 Feb 2009 - 10:39AM
It should work for .76x, yes. I really wouldn't recommend using it on .75x, though theoretically it could work.
Comment by:'s Avatar
02 Feb 2009 - 09:32PM
Thank you everybody!
Thank you very much!
Comment by:
slam's Avatar
04 Feb 2009 - 04:15AM
Since yesterday evening I am already upgrading in "one site per hour" speed - no unexpected problems so far.

Thanks to all people involved!

Comment by:
marcolinux's Avatar
04 Feb 2009 - 04:28AM
upgrade 1.0.x
i suppose i should use zk 1.1.1 in order to update every 1.0.x site, isn't it?

also, like slam, i've just done 3 distro upgrade from .764 (with distro upgrade RC2) and everything works like a charm!

thank you all for this great great work!

Comment by:
Imoq's Avatar
04 Feb 2009 - 07:06AM
Way to go!

I can't wait to migrate my two PostNuke 0.764 sites to Zikula 1.1.1 this afternoon.

Question, what if I want Spanish support for the new Zikula? (since my sites are in Spanish).

(And I probably should go read more documents before asking, anyway?).

Thanks again for the big effort, guys! :)
Comment by:
Simon's Avatar
04 Feb 2009 - 09:26AM
Spanish language pack at I think... Otherwise check the flag at the bottom of the page.
Comment by:
Imoq's Avatar
04 Feb 2009 - 09:54AM
Thanks, Simon!

I found the Spanish files at but there is no 1.1.1 file yet, just 1.1. Can I assume it is safe to use that version?
Comment by:
Simon's Avatar
04 Feb 2009 - 11:31PM
Support is best obtained in the forums... However, in general language changes only happen in minor and major releases, so the 1.1 language pack will be fine with 1.1.1
Comment by:
bronto's Avatar
05 Feb 2009 - 11:14AM
What makes a Migration Distribution different than a regular one?
Comment by:
nestormateo's Avatar
05 Feb 2009 - 02:01PM
Tested successfully for upgrading i guess
Teb did an excellent job packing, texting and supporting all the required stuff to make a successfull migration, that's why this is not simply the first bugfix release of 1.1 icon_wink
Comment by:'s Avatar
05 Feb 2009 - 10:26PM
@Bronto: The normal full package contains the former Postnuke modules that haven't been replaced with third party modules. The migration distribution also contains these 3rd party modules - so you can upgrade a complete Postnuke-Site.
Comment by:
craigh's Avatar
27 Apr 2011 - 09:12AM
this distribution was superceeded by 1.1.2 Migration distro:
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