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How to change "Sorry! Your session has expired."  Bottom

  • Hello,

    where I can change template for this message:

    Sorry! Your session has expired.
    For your security, this session has expired because you have been inactive for too long. Please log in again to access services.

    I assume it's some kind of .tpl file (?) but I can't find it somehow :(

  • See the Wiki article on the Translations, that's where that type of stuff is stored.

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  • You only need to customize your translation in config/locale/$lang/LC_MESSAGES/

    The original english string is the default, but if you want to change it for another english string, you need to:
    Create a new translation from the 'zikula.pot' catalog with poEdit.
    Change the string you want and save it to config/locale/en/LC_MESSAGES/zikula.po
    poEdit will generate a .mo file that needs to be there too in order to work.

    - Mateo T. -
    Mis principios... son mis fines
  • Thank you. But I see I wasn't clear. I mean, I want to change the whole page (HTML), not just the text... is there is such a possibility?
  • For 1.3.2 seems that you can override

    - Mateo T. -
    Mis principios... son mis fines
  • Last place I would search it :) thank you!
  • Indeed :P

    - Mateo T. -
    Mis principios... son mis fines
  • I have that problem all the time. When I look for lost stuff, it’s always in the last place I look. icon_biggrin

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