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Store HTML in Database  Bottom

  • Simple Question.

    I have a textarea in my module and I wish store the content of this (it is HTML code). ┬┐How do you do this? When I store the content, may be formatted
    Content of textarea.


    How do you do?< br >Fine, Thanks!

    Content in phpMyAdmin.


    How do you do?& lt; br& gt ;Fine, Thanks!

    So, when I want to show
    How do you do?
    Fine, Thanks!



    How do you do?< br >Fine, Thanks!

    I try with



    But it is not working with anything.


    Edited by krator on Mar 23, 2012 - 03:29 PM.
  • If in your database is being stored with htmlentities, there's a problem.
    In phpMyAdmin it should look like normal characters, nothing like


    &lt; br& gt;

    To display them safely in the templates you use the HTML filter pnvarprephtmldisplay only, safehtml modifier in 1.3.2 :)

    See how you're processing your text before insert it to the database,
    it shouldn't modify the passed HTML tags.
    Or if you use a WYSIWYG editor, check what it gives to your PHP code.

    - Mateo T. -
    Mis principios... son mis fines
  • Hi Nestor.

    Well, I can see that in the tables of news module, the tags how < h 1 > or others are stored correctly.
    (In news module I use a WYSIWYG editor).
    In my module I use a simple textarea and I have tried use a simple assignment and the dbutil insertobject. I tried with pnvarprepareforstore, too.

    So, I unknow the reason for htmlentities.

  • pnvarprepareforstore is the one, and doesn't affect HTML tags, only pnvarpreparefordisplay.

    The only possibility to have those entities is a bug using prepfordisplay instead prepforstore building the record. Ig you have entities in the DB records there's no chance to my imagination but an error like that :\

    - Mateo T. -
    Mis principios... son mis fines

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