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Post Calendar block problem  Bottom

  • I have Zikula 1.3.1 build #76 en Postcalendar 7.0.0
    When i add a block (Calendar) i don't get the upcoming events and a warning.
    I'm sure there are upcoming events.
    This is what is in the block:
    No events scheduled.
    WARN (4): E_USER_WARNING: Smarty error: Plugin:pc_sort_events: missing or empty 'value' parameter in Smarty.class.php regel 1093
    No upcoming events.

    This issue concerning the "No upcoming events" is also discussed in the German forum on
    The idea there is, that this has something to do with the date expression in the different languages f.i. 04-01-2012 or 01-04-2012,etc.

  • can you test it in English and see if it works?
  • Craigh,
    I have build a separate site in English, just the core and Postcalendar.
    sorry, the same problem.
  • It works for me on my home server (in English) using the dev version of Core 1.3.2 and PC 700. Can you try that?
  • I was able to test with 131 and PC 700 and it works fine for me. I have a screenshot but you probably don't care icon_wink

    when I suggested you "try English" I meant the entire installation - not just the block - right?
  • Craigh,

    Yes, the entire installation is in English.
    I'll sent a PM with more details.

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