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"Usable" Zikula version wanted...  Bottom

  • Hi there,

    the last days I had a few looks back into the zikula forum and community again after a long time of "programming abstinence" because have to plan new projects for some customers.

    The projects themselfs are not very special but they would need a module to publish content and a some kind of media manager to work.

    In the case that Zikula will be used as technique I would need the the module Clip for it and a working media manager. When will the so often announces zikula and Clip - release be published? What kind of media module is usable with 1.3.x?

    Thanks, Flo
  • Actually the content module offers quite a lot of possibilities for content publishing, and the 4.0 version is Zikula 1.3.1

    ready. About Media manager I don't know, but again the content module also offers quite a variety for Media publishing.

    Du kannst also ruhig schon mal mit Zikula 1.3.1 und content 4.0 rumspielen.

    GrĂ¼sse an das kalte Deutschland aus dem warmen Indonesien. icon_smile

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    Carl Georg aka Mazdev

    My Blog - Ruminations of an Expat in Indonesia & Webdevelopment

  • I think Content is a good module for static pages but not really good for many many documents of the same type...

    Greetings back from Germany ;)

  • Clip will be released as soon as finish two tasks:

    1. Fix the PageMaster upgrade path
    2. Test the edit own feature

    Also, an extensive testing by the community would be needed for a quality release.
    It's alredy usable at

    - Mateo T. -
    Mis principios... son mis fines
  • Ah, forgot a bug editing the pubfields.
    I will address that tomorrow.

    - Mateo T. -
    Mis principios... son mis fines
  • hi mateo, thanks for your answer.
    is it possible to say how long this will take?days?weeks?more?
    thanks, flo
  • Hi, for simple static pages Content can be used, but a handmade solution with Clip could also be very worthwhile. The advantage of Content is inclusion of various kinds of ContentItem and insert stuff from other modules, flexible layouts and hierarchy. You can use Clip already quite well.

    The Media Repository will be the real successor of Mediashare and MediaAttach, but that module is not ready yet and will take time. There is SimpleMedia which aims to be a simple in between solution. So dont expect big things, but you can include media to modules kinda like MediaAttach.

    --, Module development, Dutch Zikula Community
  • Clip release will take days with active testing icon_wink

    - Mateo T. -
    Mis principios... son mis fines

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