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zweet updating (or not as the case may be)...  Bottom

  • I am giving the Zikula Tweet Suite a spin to try it out. It installed fine (as far as I could tell), and I created a 'twitterfollowus' block. When I first connected from zweet to twitter, it grabbed the status and displayed it fine. However, when I changed the status on twitter, zweet continues to display the previous status, and will not update. How do I get it to update? Block refresh time is 1 hour. It has not changed for 24 hours.

    zk 1.2.7
    zweet 0.5

    Next, in the block when I click the link 'view profile' some info is shown in the main content area which looks ok, but then there is a list of boxes running vertically (16 in this case) which are empty apart from a date displayed to the right (in this case, all the dates are the same) What is it that should be displayed here?


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  • Shall I just give it up?

    I can update my Twitter status using zweet, but the Block does not update. Ever. There have been at least 2 additional status updates, yet the block still shows the first/original status message. I even tried the Token Reset, but same behaviour.

    Here is a snapshot of the content area when clicking the 'View Profile' Link in the zweet block:

    What are all those empty boxes?
  • Ok, I give up icon_smile
  • I'm hoping this or something similar is still in development, it's great to have tweets sent direct from posting a News story or other content.

    Catamaran Sailing at
  • Isn't that the whole point of 'networking'?

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