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BBCODE and Scrollbar - PNphpBB2  Bottom

  • Those of us with fixed width themes have a problem with bbcode blowing the side of the theme out to accomodate the bbcode data.

    Is there a way to encapsulate the data into a window that has a horizonal scrollbar set to width x?

    I removed the code that allowed the window to open up using 'code' but it seems that it would be better to add a scrollbar.
  • I usually use an additional overflow-x:auto;white-space:nowrap;max-height:600px;max-width: 600px; for .codecontent in the forum style.

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  • Yes, this works somewhat.

    In Firefox; the display is correct. In IE 8 it takes the theme out the right side. The dialog box stays intact in both, and in the correct position.


    Now there seems to be another issue with 'Code'. The code I inserted into the link above; when I submit it jumps back to the main screen of the website and not back to the new forum post it created. Quote works fine, but Code is having this problem. This is happening in all browsers.

    Note: this could becuse the inserted code is throwing an alert back to my email 'Possible attempt to crack your site (type: pnSecurity Alert)'?


    edited by: mesteele101, datetimebrief

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