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Getting: Function split() is deprecated  Bottom

  • Hi All,
    I am new to Zikula and just configured and installed Zikula with Apache and MySQL. After the installation when I go to index.php I get "Function split() is deprecated" error and in Apache's error.log see a 500 error:
    [Sat Jul 18 21:21:51 2009] [error] [client] PHP Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in C:\\cygwin\\home\\ashish\\Apps\\Apache\\htdocs\\z\\footer.php on line 11, referer: http://localhost:8888/z/install.php
    [Sat Jul 18 21:21:51 2009] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function themefooter() on a non-object in C:\\cygwin\\home\\ashish\\Apps\\Apache\\htdocs\\z\\footer.php on line 29, referer: http://localhost:8888/z/install.php

    I am new to PHP too so any help is highly appreciated.

  • sounds like you have PHP 5.3 installed.

    PHP site

    Note: As of PHP 5.3.0 the regex extension is deprecated, calling this function will issue an E_DEPRECATED notice.
    [ref (1) and (2)]

    if you installed PHP yourself, you may want to install 5.2.10 instead.

    as for the footer error, that may be related to the first two, or you may have a corrupted package. I would suggest re-uploading the package tarball again.
  • I'll add a ticket to Zikula 1.2


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  • apparently the solution is.....

    To resolve this you can replace split by explode().
  • How about eregi()? It also seems to be depreciated.
  • I replaced eregi with preg_match on all the lines it told me were the issues but am still getting a system error on PHP 5.3.


    System Error

    Non critical error

    An unknown error has occured. The following error message was returned by the system

    Function eregi() is deprecated

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