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Using Account Panel Properties...  Bottom

  • [ZK:1.1.0]

    Created a Property (Create Account Panel/Profile Property). Added Define in global.php, which by the way is NOT where the Admin Panel says it is (Quote: "Reminder: After you create a new property label above (such as _MYINT), you must create a define in 'config/languages/eng/global.php' to provide a display string for the new property label. For _MYINT, it could be: define('_MYINT', 'My integer');), but in modules/Profile/pnland/eng/global.php, or at least I put the entry there and it seems to work.

    The Property appears in the Account Profile - Personal Info, so the Property has been saved (I see it in the Table users_property)

    Then I made an entry into this new Property (Edit - Personal Info). Click OK, and..... nothing.

    How do I get it to store/save a value? It looks like it should be stored in the user_data Table?, but when I looked at this Table, it was empty. I guess I could make an entry into this Table manually, but don't want to do it that way.... messy....

    Taking this a step further, is it possible to use an Admin Account to change a value in a Users Profile?

    As always, I could be missing something obvious?...
  • Some more info that may (or may not ) be useful:

    None of the default Profile entries:

    Public e-mail address
    Website URL
    Time zone
    ICQ ID
    AOL ID
    Yahoo! ID
    MSN ID
    Geographical location


    Seem to be saved when trying to change any. Then I noticed an error flagged in IE (Bottom Right of Browser Status Bar) "Done, but with errors on page".


    Line: 281
    Char: 3
    Error: 'Event' is undefined
    Code: 0

    Followed by:

    Line: 359
    Char: 4
    Error: 'Validation' is undefined
    Code: 0

    Which I presume indicates a problem, and may be something to do with why the function (editing the Profile) is not working?

    But I am out of my depth here. What could this be indicating?

    edited by: slartibardfast, Mar 26, 2009 - 06:53 PM
  • Well, banging the rocks together and persistence does pay off sometimes. Looking in the System Settings, I noticed that nothing had been selected for the module for managing the User Profile. Set this to Profile, and editing now works.

    Still get the IE errors (as above) but they do not prevent the Personal Info from being edited, so whatever it is, it is not part of this problem.

    It works, so it works, and am grateful for that...

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