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  • my site for Nextel Ringones and wallpapers . Gets around 5 million hits a day total with over 150,00 pageviews a day from avg 22,000 unique users per day. I just got my 50,000 user today and am wondering what is the bigest postnuke site out there? Besidses of course =)

    The site has only been up since april and I fear I will have to start looking for an alternative to postnuke due to the massive amount of SQL calls. I have fine tuned it as much as I can.
  • Your site isn't bad on the eyes, it's easy to read, easy to understand and fast loading :).

    BTW: don't make your decision without talking to the core devs. The team is working on streamlining the backend with respect to SQL calls etc. And I'm sure your feeback and real-life experience can provide us with valuable information on making PN better able to handle large sites. :)


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  • Nice theme... :)
    Wish there were credits so I could see who designed it... :?

    Zikula Themes
  • Nothing else has been tested to that extensive level, other then slashcode or phpNuke, which are both unsuitable for what your doing.

    You could try the commercial market. But then fooie. I am amazed at the interest in this stuff... I wish I could get a fraction of that trafic. I am jelous...

  • MMaynard

    Nice theme... :)
    Wish there were credits so I could see who designed it... :?

    I started with a theme called "blueorange" but I dont think there is much left from that theme. I am actually looking for someone to design me a theme that would be optimised for speed.
  • its kind of strange... I didnt know much about PHP at all when I started the site. Now I am getting pretty good. 1 thing i noticed is I can reduce the load in HALF on my server if I disable the "whos online". I am going to enable some sort of caching solution for that. It is becoming a postnukeinstien
  • If that's the final release of AutoTheme 1.7, then you've reduced quite a few SQL calls. You can also use the full page caching. If not, then get the final version.

    Also, if you remove counter.php and referrers.php includes then your site will be even faster and eliminate even more SQL calls.


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