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Subversion Access to Zikula

Zikula migrated its repository from CVS to SubVersion (SVN) on 18 April, 2006. There are a number of tools for accessing SVN repositories.

You can browse the current SVN repository via Web Browser here:
Trac integrated browser

Command line / Terminal Access

To retrieve Zikula 1.0.x from SVN via an anonymous session:

svn export Zikula

If you have a user name and password, you can use the following:
  • Replace USERNAME and PASSWORD with your own user name and password.

svn checkout --username USERNAME --password PASSWORD Zikula

Developers can use the following:
  • Replace developername with the proper values. Enter your site password when prompted.

svn checkout --username developername Zikula

Keep the translations external with the svn:externals property

In several modules in you will see the svn:externals property for other languages than english. The translated languages are kept within the various community-lang projects (dutch, german, french, etc). Translation updates can be done independent from the modules developer.

There is nice description of how this works in the dutch community as well. Check out the Dutch (nld) language integration page. All modules are listed that have their dutch language external.

Properties screenshot:
SVN properties on pnlang folder

You can set this property on the pnlang folder of your project. Select the properties (with TortoiseSVN right click on the pnlang folder -> TortoiseSVN -> properties). Here you can add/edit the properties of this folder. For adding an svn:externals property select New and Property Name is svn:externals and the property value is set to reflect the different languages:
lang TracPathToLanguageFolder

Edit properties screenshot:
SVN properties on pnlang folder

You can add multiple languages by putting them on several lines. When you now checkout the project the languages are obtained from the community project. The ExtensionsDB also supports this external language property (AFAIK). When a module developer uploads a new version, the available languages (external or not) are automatically put in the download package.



  • RapidSVN
  • kdesvn (integrates nicely into the Quanta+ web development editor)
Debian packages are available for both tools. Tested on Ubuntu 6.06.


  • SyncroSVN Client (available for Win/Mac/*nix)
  • has integrated text-editor (not a free app)
  • Versions MacOSX? specific client
  • uses sidecar apps for textediting and diff (not a free app)
  • Command-line tools (precompiled binaries) (free as in beer)