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Webmaster Documentation

This category stores all of the Zikula project's documentation for webmasters. The documentation is under development, and we invite you to help us improve it by adding updates, and by making contributions and changes.


Installation and Upgrades

Configuration and Use

System Modules

Xanthia and Themes

Advanced Configuration

Modules Documentation

We host documentation for all sorts of modules here, both 'core' (developed by the Zikula Development Team) and third party. If you'd like to add documentation for your module here, simply create a new page linked from this one - edit this page, add a link using the syntax above, then click the question mark which appears next to the link.

System Modules Documentation

System modules are modules that come with the core Zikula distribution and are, mostly, required for the basic operation of the package

Value Addon Modules Documentation

Value Addon modules enhance the basic functionality of Zikula providing a range of functions from content modules like News and Downloads to utility functions like bbcode and smilies.

Third Party Modules Documentation